Oakland County Mugshots (Michigan)

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Oakland County Police Departments are law enforcement agencies that are responsible for stopping crimes and performing investigations in order to protect the community. As part of this job, Police Departments in Oakland County, Michigan arrest and process suspected criminals, including taking mugshots. These mugshots, which show the arrested individual, become part of the arrest record, which includes the individual's personal information, the criminal charges, and information about any jail bookings or trials that resulted from the arrest. Oakland County mugshots can also be used to confirm an individual's identity when performing a background check. These mugshots may be available through the Police Department website.

Auburn Hills Police Department Auburn Hills MI 1899 North Squirrel Road 48326 248-370-9444

Berkley Department Of Public Safety Royal Oak MI 2395 Twelve Mile Road 48067 248-541-9000

Beverly Hills Department Of Public Safety Beverly Hills MI 18600 West 13 Mile Road 48025 248-540-3400

Birmingham Police Department Birmingham MI 151 Martin Street 48009 248-644-3405

Bloomfield Hills Department Of Public Safety Bloomfield Hills MI 45 East Long Lake Road 48304 248-644-4200

Bloomfield Township Police Department Bloomfield Hills MI 4200 Telegraph Road 48302 248-433-7755

Canadian National Railway Police Ferndale MI 600 Fern Street 48220 248-691-6985

Clarkston Police Department Clarkston MI 3 Church Street 48346 248-625-0088

Clarkston Police Department Independence MI 6560 Citation Drive 48346 248-625-0088

Clawson Police Department Clawson MI 425 North Main Street 48017 248-435-5000

Farmington Department Of Public Safety Farmington MI 23600 Liberty Street 48335 248-474-4700

Farmington Hills Police Department Farmington Hills MI 31655 West Eleven Mile Road 48336 248-871-2600

Ferndale Police Department Ferndale MI 310 East 9 Mile Road 48220 248-541-3650

Frank Greenan Detention Facility Auburn Hills MI 1690 Brown Road 48326 248-391-0087

Franklin Police Department Franklin MI 32311 Franklin Road 48025 248-626-9672

Franklin-Bingham Farms Police Department Franklin MI 32311 Franklin Road 48025 248-626-9672

Hazel Park Police Department Hazel Park MI 111 East 9 Mile Road 48030 248-542-6161

Holly Police Department Holly MI 315 South Broad Street 48442 248-634-8221

Huntington Woods Department Of Public Safety Berkley MI 12755 West Eleven Mile Road 48072 248-541-1180

Keego Harbor Police Department Keego Harbor MI 2025 Beechmont Street 48320 248-682-3030

Kensington Metro Park Police Department Milford MI 2240 West Buno Road 48380 248-685-1561

Lake Angelus Police Department Lake Angelus MI 45 Gallogly Road 48326 248-332-1220

Lake Angelus Police Department Lake Angelus MI 3575 Baldwin Road 48326 248-332-1220

Lake Orion Police Department Orion MI 37 East Flint Street 48362 248-693-8321

Lathrup Village Police Department Lathrup Village MI 27400 Southfield Road 48076 248-557-3600

Madison Heights Police Department Madison Heights MI 280 West 13 Mile Road 48071 248-585-2100

Michigan State Police District 2 Post 21 - Metro North Oak Park MI 14350 West 10 Mile Road 48237 248-584-5740

Michigan State Police District 2 Post 21.1 - Groveland Team Holly MI 14645 Dixie Highway 48442 248-634-4882

Milford Police Department Milford MI 1100 Atlantic Street 48381 248-684-1815

Novi Police Department Novi MI 45125 West 10 Mile Road 48375 248-347-0504

Oak Park Public Safety Department Oak Park MI 13600 Oak Park Boulevard 48237 248-691-7500

Oakland Community College Department Of Public Safety Auburn Hills MI 2900 Featherstone Road 48326 248-232-4599

Oakland University Police Department Rochester MI 201 Meadow Brook Road 48309 248-370-3000

Orchard Lake Police Department West Bloomfield MI 3955 Orchard Lake Road 48323 248-682-2400

Oxford Village Police Department Oxford MI 22 West Burdick Street 48371 248-628-2581

Pleasant Ridge Police Department Pleasant Ridge MI 23925 Woodward Avenue 48069 248-541-2900

Pontiac Police Department Pontiac MI 110 East Pike Street 48342 248-758-3304

Rochester Police Department Rochester MI 400 6th Street 48307 248-651-9621

Royal Oak Police Department Royal Oak MI 221 East 3rd Street 48067 248-246-3500

South Lyon Police Department South Lyon MI 219 Whipple Street 48178 248-437-1773

Southfield Police Department Southfield MI 26000 Evergreen Road 48076 248-796-5300

Sylvan Lake Police Department Sylvan Lake MI 1820 Inverness Street 48320 248-682-2104

Troy Police Department Troy MI 500 West Big Beaver Road 48084 248-524-3477

Walled Lake Police Department Walled Lake MI 1499 East West Maple Road 48390 248-624-3111

Waterford Township Police Department Waterford MI 5150 Civic Center Drive 48329 248-674-0351

West Bloomfield Township Police Department West Bloomfield MI 4530 Walnut Lake Road 48325 248-682-9200

White Lake Township Police Department White Lake MI 7525 Highland Road 48383 248-698-4400

Oakland County Sheriff Departments are charged with policing and protecting a community by investigating and stopping crimes. As part of these law enforcement responsibilities, Sheriff Departments in Oakland County, Michigan arrest and process suspected criminals, which can include taking mugshots. These Oakland County mugshots show the suspected individual after the arrest, and they become part of the arrest record, which includes the individual's personal information, the criminal charge, and any jail bookings or court cases that resulted from the arrest. When performing an Oakland County background check, mugshots can also be used to confirm an individual's identity. These mugshots may be accessible to the public through the Sheriff Department website.

Oakland County Sheriff's Office Pontiac MI 1200 North Telegraph Road 48341 248-858-5000

Oakland County Sheriffs Office / Oakland County Jail Pontiac MI 1201 Telegraph Road 48341 248-858-4950

Oakland County FBI Offices are local branches of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, and they are responsible for carrying out intelligence and law enforcement activities. FBI Offices in Oakland County, Michigan maintain records on offenders and suspected criminals, which can include individuals who have been arrested by the FBI or are under FBI investigation. These Oakland County criminal records often include mugshots for people suspected or convicted of white collar crimes, bank robberies, public corruption, or civil rights violations. Mugshots are an important part of FBI records, which also list whether the individual is on the Michigan sex offender registry. FBI Offices may provide online access to their mugshots.

Troy Michigan FBI Office Troy MI 5700 Crooks Road 48098 248-879-6090