Douglas County Mugshots (Nevada)

Search for Douglas County, NV mugshots. A mugshot search can help locate or find mugshots, search mugshots, confirm identity, and provide information on criminal history, criminal record, arrest records, criminal charges, misdemeanor charges, felony charges, felony convictions, jail bookings, incarceration records, crime photos, background check, and arrest charges.

Douglas County Sheriff Departments are charged with policing and protecting a community by investigating and stopping crimes. As part of these law enforcement responsibilities, Sheriff Departments in Douglas County, Nevada arrest and process suspected criminals, which can include taking mugshots. These Douglas County mugshots show the suspected individual after the arrest, and they become part of the arrest record, which includes the individual's personal information, the criminal charge, and any jail bookings or court cases that resulted from the arrest. When performing a Douglas County background check, mugshots can also be used to confirm an individual's identity. These mugshots may be accessible to the public through the Sheriff Department website.

Douglas County Sheriffs Department North Substation Carson City NV 3587 North Sunridge Drive 89705 775-267-3691

Douglas County Sheriffs Office - Gardnerville Ranchos Gardnerville NV 1281 Kimmerling Road 89410 775-265-7091

Douglas County Sheriffs Office - South County Gardnerville NV 1477 U.S. Highway 395 North 89410 775-266-1028

Douglas County Sheriffs Office - Substation / Lake Tahoe Jail / Douglas County Juvenile Detention Center Gardnerville NV 175 U.s. 50 89410 775-586-7265

Douglas County Sheriffs Office / Douglas County Jail / Douglas County Juvenile Detention Center Minden NV 1625 8th Street 89423 775-782-9911