Georgetown County Mugshots

Search for Georgetown County SC mugshots. A mugshot search can help locate or find mugshots, search mugshots, confirm identity, and provide information on criminal history, criminal record, arrest records, criminal charges, misdemeanor charges, felony charges, felony convictions, jail bookings, incarceration records, crime photos, background check, and arrest charges.

Georgetown County Police Departments are law enforcement agencies that are responsible for stopping crimes and performing investigations in order to protect the community. As part of this job, Police Departments in Georgetown County South Carolina arrest and process suspected criminals, including taking mugshots. These mugshots, which show the arrested individual, become part of the arrest record, which includes the individual's personal information, the criminal charges, and information about any jail bookings or trials that resulted from the arrest. Georgetown County mugshots can also be used to confirm an individual's identity when performing a background check. These mugshots may be available through the Police Department website.

Andrews Police Department Andrews SC 101 North Morgan Avenue 29510 843-264-5223

Georgetown Police Department Georgetown SC 2222 Highmarket Street 29440 843-545-4300

Town of Pawleys Island Pawleys Island SC 321 Myrtle Avenue 29585 843-237-1698